"Although space is often attached to time, my association of time is affixed to memory. Space is believed to be depicted using reliable mathematics and time and memory are considered linear. However, the linear systems used to measure experiences of time and memory have been improperly imposed on our ideals, constantly marking our memories with beginnings and endings rather than depths and weights."

Brenna Tomas

The Reciprocal Project is an ongoing community arts program that delivers recreational art interventions in numerous formats with the goal of initiating introspective and interpersonal connection with the self and others.

"Artistic intervention is a situation in which all participants enter a new situation for themselves. Creative professionals enter organizations or processes to initiate change.  

Artists are skilled in engaging people’s creativity and they can disrupt the established routines, mindsets and management processes, thereby opening space for fresh ways of thinking and acting. Working with artists can help organizations to re-assess themselves with new eyes and to question what they do, how they do it and why they do it.

A particular competence of artists lies in productive grappling with the uncertainty that is at the heart of innovation."

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