Connection, Culture + Form: Hiraku Suzuki

Mostly spontaneous and improvisational, Hiraku Suzuki's Vancouver Biennale workshops and performance drew heavily from momentous interactions with nature and forms of language. Based on the reference to the new possibilities of drawing in the world today, Suzuki refers to “Genga,” the abstract shapes that constitute a language form in itself.

According to Suzuki, the most important point of his live drawing performance in Vancouver was the complete improvisational process of conversation with a particular circumstance. With one element being his body and others being space, time, sound, and other subtle circumstantial factors, Hiraku used drawing to transform a certain place into an imaginary excavation site where something unexpected invariably would appear.

“Every line connects two remote dots. Drawing has always been the crossroad / intersection of direct human circumstance and the long cosmic time since its beginning, and it will continue to be. I hope my drawing work will be a creative mediator, linking subtle memories of the present phenomena with the future. ”

- Hiraku Suzuki

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Artist Profile: @hirakusuzuki

Hiraku Suzuki (b. 1978, Japan)

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