Focus, Translate + Connect: Shoshana 'Ciechanowski

Shoshanah 'Ciechanowki a multidisciplinary artist, works predominantly with performative action, after which the action is translated into object, video and drawing. Ciechanowski's works engage with words that become structures by way of movement, rhythm, and sound. The works take shape through a performative action that produces a sacred space, one that has its own rules.

Her search relate to the interval between edges and the center as a balance space. Questioning the humans fundamental roots of connections, which Shoshanah 'believes exist beyond nationality and identity, language and culture. By trying to answer her own questions she uses her artistic practice as a link to a new communication.

Read more about her work in 44 Degrees publication here!


Shoshanah 'Ciechanowki

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