Location, Body + Text: Małgorzata Dawidek

Biometry and Other Stories is a performative essay composed of a series of visual and textual episodes. The issues raised relate to the connections between architecture of the body, architecture of language and architecture of space. The method of the artist's work is based on a drawing-and-verbal dialogue with the environment and herself. The key performance points located within the gallery space creates a diagram, which forms visible traces of the artist's movements and narrative.

“My artistic work is focused on the conflict between the condition of the human body and discursive language. My research provides an overview of the phenomenon of the human body as a textual form, repository for memories and emotions. I analyze issues relating to the awareness, the borders and possibilities of language, as well as the human body and corporeality perceived as a ‚reality text '. I am interested in the body's limit states and its inexpressibility.

The body is the phenomenon, which on one hand is subjected to the language and description, but on the other hand it resists of forms of articulation, and it is immune to the words.

In my work I consider the twin factors of the body and the text to be equal: the body of the text means the body as a map, a book or other narrative (an individual or a mass which Dubravka Ugrešić refers to as bodygraphy), as well as the text of the body - writing which takes on the form of bodily features, being both material and subjective.

My practice addresses urgent questions such as, 'Can the body be translated into language?', 'Can the body be independent of culture?', 'Can art be a medium for the translation of representations of corporeality in different cultures and can it challenge stereotypes by individualizing the body image? ' »

Małgorzata Dawidek: @malgorzatadawidek

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