Marking, Traces + Movement: Ram Samocha

"Drawing is a fundamental action and the primary means of expression, likened to leaving a trace, making a sign, or putting a mark. While looking at a picture the viewer only sees the end of a process that took place in the past; frequently artists choose to erase the extra lines that led them to the final work.

By using repetitive and dynamic lines in my drawings I hope to bring the audience closer to the construction of the image, and engage them in the process of creating the work. The multiple drawn lines are meant to present the varied ways in which I choose to explore ideas and illuminate the struggle that preceded the final result. Rhythm, movement, and time are important elements within this work.

While searching for ways to show progression and movement I draw with an impatient line. I am fascinated with capturing the energy of the drawing performance and with the transformation of the image. The restlessly drawn line follows the traces of an action, movement or thought and it becomes the main element that vibrates through the multitude of layers that build."

Samocha’s work draws from the locale and the location of its creation. As an immigrant from Israel and an artist, Samocha focuses on the issues of personal and global transformation by combining drawing, video, animation, and performance. Through his manifold, hybrid practice Samocha hopes to catalyze a communicative interaction with the viewer. Using a personal artistic language that speaks via abstraction and the physical process of repetitive line-based actions, the work reflects on global issues while eschewing an overt political narrative. Drawing is a seminal element in Samocha’s practice as it allows him to work with very basic media. As an immigrant and traveller, Samocha often works with temporary, flexible, and transportable surfaces, using materials such as paper, unstretched canvas, photos or video recordings. The combination of performance, animation, video, installation, and drawing facilitates a more precise articulation of ideas and issues, and allows the artist to self-reflexively examine the relevance of drawing as a modern medium.

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Explore Ram's project titled Draw to Perform

"Held annually, the Draw to Perform festival showcases the biggest names and emerging talent in this exciting artistic genre. It focuses on the connection between performance art and drawing. The International festival includes video screenings, live drawing performances, workshops, talks and lectures by artists and art historians."

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