Movement, Rhythm + Intention: Anastasia Faiella

Anastasia's artwork is informed by her experience as a dancer. As a dancer, she was constantly striving to make my body communicate better, move better and to confront her body and its limitations every day. Similarly, her work as a visual artist works with and against the limits of the medium:  When does paint resist my own gesture and intention?  When might words fail to communicate? 

Through dance, I realized that I needed discipline and structure to continue to press against the challenges of the body.  My artistic practice continues this method of rigor and repetition and exacting hard work in order to work beyond what I know.  

“Much of my work is about the illegibility of gesture. Writing on the canvas is like sewing on the paper: episodes of my process which resist's the viewer's reading. On canvas, I often instigate a sentence: one to repeat. Choosing from a mundane event, a memory, or an intimate experience, the repetition of this phrase devolves into hieroglyphics, nothing legible for others. I move from language to gesture, legibility to opacity.

My recent work is informed by my earlier performance art, as it investigates the role of the body in mark making.

How might repetition, and extended gestures, become legible? How might repletion, or the body interrupt access to words?


Anastasia Faiella

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