Transcription, Sight + Language: Fiona Banner

Fiona Banner is well known for her early works in the form of 'wordscapes', written transcriptions of the frame-by-frame action in Hollywood war films, including Top Gun and Apocalypse Now.

“My work isn't at all familiar to Lucian Freud 's, for example. but the complexity that surrounds the nude - the questions about gender that define the history of the nude, and for that matter the history of description per se - are a motivation. I got involved in looking at and describing the human form through watching war films. It occurred to me, after a while, that their images were pornographic in nature - both alluring, seductive and repulsive. That got me into looking at porn films. I began to think that they were like life drawings, only with all the rules broken. They have very limited narrative: often no script, virtually no dialogue, just the hovering gaze. I described these films moment by moment, in my own words, and made very big pictures from them. They take something very private and domestic, and make it heroic."


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